Best Tacos in Vegas – Tacos and Beer Las Vegas

tacos and beer las vegas

tacos and beer las vegas

Living in Vegas has it’s benefits. One major one is amazing TACOS!!!

Below I have listed the best taco spots that team ThreadLab made it to and returned to because they were so phenomenal. There are side-perks, which is why they ranked in the order they did.


1 – Tacos & Beer (Paradise Rd. behind Venetian)

Tacos and Beer Las Vegas – This place is RIDICULOUS! The tacos are amazing and they have about 18 different options. My trio was always Baja Fish, Puerco Verde, and a ‘Crunchy’. Not only are their tacos insane, but they have rotating draught beers that are amazing. Several occasions I had to go home and go to bed because I had doubled up on tacos & beer. Great décor, amazing staff, incredible flavors. *Oh, get a ‘Shrimp’ taco too. And the churros – holy smoke.


2 – Tacos El Gordo (E. Charleston & S. Bruce)

This is an authentic Mexican taco spot. Simple tacos made with slow cooked meats on corn tortillas with cilantro, onions, cabbage, and optional homemade salsa or guac. The adobada and carne asada are as tasty as they get. The menu goes a little out of bounds for me with beef guts and brains and stuff, but if you’re into that, it’s probably amazing. Super cheap, super tasty, fun little spot that is always busy.


3 – La Comida (Downtown LV)

La Comida is a homestyle Mexican restaurant with insane margaritas and an awesome vibe. These tacos are smaller but damn are they tasty. There’s no need to stray from the Carnitas taco, but the Pescado a la parrilla is amazing. Definitely plan to be hungover, but take a couple tacos to go for morning hangover-cure breakfast.


4 – Wahoos (Fort Apache)

Okay, so now you’re like, “This guy is an idiot”. And maybe you’re right, but that’s your opinion you are right about. You can’t beat the value of Wahoo’s tacos. And Tony Hawk said ‘The best fish taco in the world.’ Get a couple fish tacos and go during happy hour, or whenever they’re doing the anytime month long $2 bud light drafts. It’s a winning evening for Monday Night Football.


5 Roberto’s Taco Shop (W. Charleston Blvd)

Roberto’s tacos are maximum value. They are packed full to explode and they are always juicy. This may be a fast food type place, but it’s worth it. They will always ask if you want verde or red hot sauce and I always got both. Try it – you won’t be disappointed and you can save that extra coin for the roulette table.

ThreadLab Men's Clothing Easier

ThreadLab – A Life Hack For Busy Guys

Men’s Clothing. Easier.

hack your wardrobe with ThreadLab

ThreadLab Men's Clothing Easier

We have smart phones, smart houses, smart cars… but what about a smart wardrobe?

In the digital age, convenience and efficiency are as much a part of life as a great pair of jeans. The best and brightest minds of our generation have a pattern of paring down their wardrobe to maximize efficiency and productivity, yet, despite this push for functional, fashion-forward menswear, shopping for clothes hasn’t gotten much easier.  Meet ThreadLab.

This New Jersey-based men’s clothing service start-up wants to keep you out of the mall and instead, doing what you do best. Unlike the other guys, ThreadLab is not for fashionistas. You won’t find any stylists or long, tiresome phone consultations here. Instead, the team at ThreadLab focuses on a simple, seamless ordering process to source high quality, trustworthy brands that are functional and just fit.

ThreadLab Zero Hassle

ThreadLab – Ultimate Convenience. A life hack for busy guys.

ThreadLab wants to take the hassle out of men’s shopping. Using their Perfect Fit™ algorithm, you can easily set your style preferences (graphic tees or button-downs? Jeans or Chinos?) and your clothes will be custom-picked based on your selections.

What do I get with ThreadLab?

ThreadLab works for busy guys who want the convenience of looking good without the hassle of going to the mall. Think of it as the foundation of your wardrobe; they handle the important things, the things you actually need – like a good pair of jeans and a nice button down. You simply set your style preferences when you sign up and they do the heavy lifting. Pricing is flexible – $59, $99, $149 or $299 per shipment with options for on-demand orders and subscriptions.

At ThreadLab, we don’t tell you how to dress. We simply take the expansive, often overwhelming universe of men’s apparel and break it down to a manageable subset of products and brands that will fit your body, budget and tastes.

Our commitment to our customers:

  • Make Life Easy – “Wow, that was a hell of a lot easier than shopping for myself.”
  • Add Value – “This is actually a lot cheaper than I would’ve expected.”
  • Find You Clothes that Fit – “The clothes fit well and I didn’t have to think about sizing up or down. They did it all for me.”
  • Introduce Awesome Brands – “I liked the variety of brands. A mix of established brands and smaller name brands keeps it fresh.”
  • Make an Impact – “ThreadLab partners with many eco-friendly brands. It makes me feel good about using their service.”

ThreadLab How It Works

How is ThreadLab different?

These guys set out to make things easy, and I don’t think things can get much easier than this:

  • 365 Days to Return – Most clothing services give you 3 – 10 days to return. No hassle returns is a huge plus.
  • Order Previews – See a preview of the items that you can edit before they ship.
  • No Commitment – Subscription is optional and there’s no lock in. Order whenever you feel the need.
  • Flexible Budget – Control your budget at the item level and the order level. No sticker shock. Ever.
  • Mission Driven – A catalog that includes eco-friendly brands and American made brands. Shop easier – and better.

ThreadLab is a USA based company that ships worldwide, 365 days a year. If you have questions about ThreadLab or would just like to get to know us, please tweet to us at @mythreadlab or DM us on Facebook!

Get Started with Threadlab

e-commerce interview with ThreadLab Advisor Parth Sharma

Founder Interview E-Commerce Expert Parth Sharma

We met Parth back in 2012 when we first started working on ThreadLab. Back then, he was running 191 Unlimited, which was one of the first shirts brands we ever carried. Parth has become one of our best friends and a trusted advisor for all things e-commerce. We caught up with Parth over a few beers and some very average golf at our new favorite local 9 hole Skyway. Here’s our first Founder Interview in our series:


Tell us about you, where you live, where you’re from and how you got linked up with ThreadLab?

I’m 36 years old, with 2 young kids.  I live in Manhattan and work from home.  A mutual friend connected me and Will a few years back.  Turns out Will shares 2 of my favorite hobbies…golf and drinking!


When did you launch your first company and how did the idea come about?

I launched my first company back in 2002 right after college.  The job market sucked so I figured it was a good time to start a business.  I was 22 years old, living with my parents, and had basically no expenses.  My childhood best friend was in the same boat as me we decided to start a business together.  How we decided on men’s clothing I can’t quite remember but it probably happened on a golf course…while drinking heavily.


What were some of the successful moments of your first venture and also share some embarrassing stories of what didn’t go so well. 

In the beginning there were no successful moments, just blunder after blunder.  191 Unlimited finally struck success when we decided to drive across the country and sell the hell out of our products.  My co-founder and I packed up our car with samples and drove from NJ to CA and back, stopping in every major city to present our brand to the local boutique stores.  We drove for 2 months and opened 50+ accounts.  Without that road trip, we might never have reached the critical mass of accounts to get off the ground.


Which brands do you currently own and operate?  Are you planning to launch any new brands/products in 2017?

I currently own and operate the following brands (in no particular order):


Something Strong

Filthy Etiquette

Skinny Tie Madness

Clever Doormats

Cheeky Gentleman


Future Trillionaire

Knot Society

Jordan Jasper

I’m currently working on wine glasses that say funny things on them.


What’s the worst idea you’ve ever tested in the market? 

I once made ties with skull prints on them. They sounded cool in theory and they looked good but they didn’t sell at all.  Lesson learned, people don’t want ties with skull prints on them. I think I still have them in stock.


What do you like most about running your own e-commerce companies?

I love the freedom to do whatever I want and work from wherever I want.  Tim Ferris’ 4 Hour Work Week (actually given to me by Will Hench) is an inspiration and I try to automate all aspects of my business so I can focus on things that are fun to me.


Talk about some advice that could help new entrepreneurs looking to get into e-commerce or apparel businesses. 

Before you spend time and money making your product, first think about where you plan to sell the product.  Too many people approach me with: “If I build it, it will sell.”  That’s rarely the case.  You have to push your products out to potential customers, they won’t just show up on your doorstep.


Where can we find your brands and keep up with the new projects you’re working on?

I don’t have a blog that unifies all of my brands and the overall operation…but I should start one.  In the meantime you can check out my best brands on these sites:

Shopping Made Simple With ThreadLab

Andy Dalanzo owns over fifteen jeans, but he only wears one pair.

“It just took me forever to find the right style and fit,” Dalanzo, the 28-year old Providence native said. “I would rush through Macy’s without trying things on, then I just started trying Amazon. They were at least cheaper, and I didn’t run into my shitty ex-girlfriend there, but still they were either too dark, too skinny, too baggy, not like in the pictures.”

As of press time, we deduced that Dalanzo had in his closet nearly half a paycheck’s worth of unworn blue jeans. Some still with the tags on them. When asked why he hasn’t returned many of them, he simply responded, “Ain’t nobody got time for that.” Indeed.

Dalanzo, who teaches at a Charter School in the Pawtucket region of Rhode Island, doesn’t wear jeans everyday. But he, like many men, knows the value of at least one good pair.

“I was just looking for jeans I could wear out to a bar or a decent restaurant at night, but also casual enough to wear around town on a sunday,” we overheard Dalanzo bemoan to his third grade students during free time, one of whom was seen drawing penis pictures on the “safe space” table in the back of the room. He was wearing nice jeans.

Comfort and ease of purchase notwithstanding, jeans are growing into the most versatile piece in a man’s lineup these days, to be paired with everything from casual whites to blazers and jackets. Unfortunately, many of us are reduced to wearing the same styles we used to sport in high school. You know, those days when chinstraps and wife-beaters were cool.

If you or somebody you know has a story similar to Andy, you are not alone. 7 in 10 men suffer from Shitty Shopping Syndrome. Symptoms range from impulsivity, fear of trying clothes on, inability to compare pricing, shame, depression, and having ritualistic fires where you burn all your unused clothes because you can’t stand to look at them. Fortunately, help is here.

The guys at ThreadLab simplify the shopping process to help men find quality clothing with zero hassle. Technology drives the service to ensure amazing fit and realistic price points across 50 + brands.

The story ends well for Andy. He’s found his match on ThreadLab. A pair of Mott & Bow Straight Crosby in dark blue.

“I finally got the confidence to ask out Ms. Cassandra,” Andy told us. “She told me I needed to get some new shirts first.”

Why You Can’t Trust Brand Sizing

It’s pretty well known that clothing sizes vary across different brands, but we had NO idea how much variation actually existed until we collected some data. We’ve put together dozens of charts but this one in particular makes it evident what we’re talking about. We measured 29 Medium shirts across 21 brands. Y-axis shows # of shirts, X-axis shows chest size in inches across. What this chart shows is that if you buy Medium shirts from a few brands, they could all have VERY different chest sizes- in some cases a variation of over 4 INCHES(!), and the same can be found for the other shirt measurements like midsection, length, sleeve length and yoke.

ThreadLab measures up to 15 dimensional measurements on every product in our catalog so that you don’t have to worry about fit. We take care of all that for you. So you can worry about more important things in life.

ThreadLab. Men’s clothing. Easier. Sign up today to simplify your wardrobe needs.