Why You Can’t Trust Brand Sizing

It’s pretty well known that clothing sizes vary across different brands, but we had NO idea how much variation actually existed until we collected some data. We’ve put together dozens of charts but this one in particular makes it evident what we’re talking about. We measured 29 Medium shirts across 21 brands. Y-axis shows # of shirts, X-axis shows chest size in inches across. What this chart shows is that if you buy Medium shirts from a few brands, they could all have VERY different chest sizes- in some cases a variation of over 4 INCHES(!), and the same can be found for the other shirt measurements like midsection, length, sleeve length and yoke.

ThreadLab measures up to 15 dimensional measurements on every product in our catalog so that you don’t have to worry about fit. We take care of all that for you. So you can worry about more important things in life.

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